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saving energy

In addition to generating your own electricity it is essential that you look at your overall energy consumption and introduce ways to reduce it.


We can help you do this by installing a solar iBoost to give you FREE hot water, very low energy LED lighting and optimising your voltage.   

solar iBoost

Heat your hot water for FREE using a solar iBoost switch alongside your solar PV system.

Simple but clever... the solar iBoost diverts your excess solar electricity to heat your water via your existing immersion heater element for FREE.

LED lighting

LED lighting has come on leaps and bounds even in past 12 months so it is now very possible and affordable to make the change to low energy LEDs.  This doesn't necessarily mean changing all of your existing light fittings... it may just be a case of swapping your existing bulbs for new LEDs.


Upgrading to LED lighting can be confusing, however, due to the various bulb types, talk of Kelvin temperatures and lumen outputs.  Don't panic, we can show you a range of LEDs that you can test in your own home so that you can find the perfect light for every application.

Convential lighting in your home can account from between 20-30% of your overall electricity consumption.  We can help you further reduce your bills by advising you on suitable LED lighting throughout your house.

Voltage optimisation

Voltage optimisation is an important technology as in the UK, most electrical appliances are rated at 220v but the voltage supplied by the national grid can be anywhere between 230-253 volts.

You are, therefore, being supplied with a higher voltage than is needed.  The extra power causes heat and vibration within appliances, which can substantially reduce their lifespan.

Voltage optimisers reduce the voltage level to 220 volts reducing your consumption on average by 12% per year.  The voltage optimisation unit is simply installed next to your consumer unit and once fitted can be forgotten about.